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Business Turnaround

The key to better business in tough times

We've all read it in the news!

The media and economists are doing a great job of frightening consumers into financial hibernation.

As a result, the economic downturn has many small businesses stampeding the exits, slashing budgets and cutting prices.

Choosing the right accountant is an important decision that can mean the difference between mere survival and outright success.

If doing the same things the same way you've always done them isn't working for your business, now is the time to take a step back and turn to a specialist who gives you the advice and service you need and deserve.

At Charter Partners we understand what keeps you up at night, and what gets you down when dealing with accountants. So we've built our business to give you more of what you want and need to run your business better.

You choose the services you need and only pay for them - no hidden charges. Our communication with you will be straight and direct. Your fees are agreed in advance with no extra charge for a personal service that helps your business work. We give advice, you get results.

Three ways to unlock value in your business

Fixed Price Agreement - We believe tat people buy results not hours, so we customise our fixed price agreements to suit each client's needs and budget. You know what you are paying upfront. There are no surprises, no extra charges or additional work, unless you agree to it first. You can budget more accurately, rest easy knowing your fees aren't about to blow out, and call us any time without worrying that the clock is ticking.

Free Business Health Check - Our Business Health Check is an objective review of your business that pinpoints current problems that may be affecting performance, so you can take care of the problem before it gets worse. In addition, it can act as an early warning for problems that are to come. Best of all ,it's free for new clients!

Guaranteed 30-day Turnaround - How long has your work been with your current accountant? We know how critical timely information can be when you are making important business decisions. Our turnaround guarantee comes into effect as soon as we receive accurate, quality, complete information from you.