Charter Partners is a highly successful practice, which rose from humble beginnings in 1932.

The first office was situated in part of the upstairs section of the building at 239 Mary Street, Gympie with Mr A K Leitch as practising Accountant.  The office was shared with Bill Stewart from Stewart & Co, and the practice was well established during the 1940’s.

Another office was opened at Murgon.  Mr Leitch’s son, David, joined his father after qualifying at just nineteen years of age.  The practice was then known as A K Leitch & Son.

A larger office was soon required by the Gympie staff which instigated the move to 232 Mary Street, Gympie.

Mr Ray Saunders began his association with the practice working in the Murgon office, before joining the Gympie staff in 1962.

Mr Leitch Senior, retired.  Ray Saunders became a partner with David Leitch, and the practice name changed to Leitch & Saunders.

David Leitch moved into other fields and at some stage in the 1970’s, another name change to R A Saunders & Co.

Mr Saunders was the instigator in the formation of Gympie & North Coast Building Society of which he was Secretary/Manager.  He also held key positions in the administration of Gympie Finance Company, Gympie Co-op Building Societies, and Gympie Cemetery Trust.

About 1974, the Accountancy Practice and all its attachments moved to 214 Mary Street, Gympie, formerly the Royal Exchange Hotel.

The Building Society went on to an online computer system and R A Saunders & Co bought its first computer – a Wang using Hartley software.  Until this time, all accountancy procedures were handled manually.

Mr John Fell joined the practice at this stage and a little later brothers Brendan and David McGarry also came into the office.  All three became partners with Ray Saunders and the practice changed the name to Saunders, Fell & McGarry.

James Laird and Richard McGrath joined the Gympie staff in 1977.  They worked in the office during the first seven months of the financial year, attending to college/university during the “quiet time”.

Mr Saunders left the practice with Mr Fell taking over his responsibilities of Secretary with the Building Society (by then known as Wide Bay Capricorn Building Society).  The Co-op Building Societies one by one closed up.  Gympie Finance Company closed its books and Mr Barrie McDevitt became Secretary of Gympie Cemetery Trust.

An office was established in Brisbane and eventually the McGarrys bought this section of the practice.  They moved to the city and became a separate entity.

In 1987, Miss Wen Stewart retired after 39 years of employment.  The final joint move of the Building Society and Accounting Practice was to 104 Mary Street, Gympie.

James Laird became a partner with a further name change to Fell Laird Accounting and finally, Anthony McPhee became a partner in 2000 after several years working as an Accountant for the firm.

The firm’s name changed to Laird McPhee which then changed to Charter Partners in 2009 and Anthony McPhee became the sole owner.

In 2012, Mr Luke Samways joined Anthony McPhee as a partner, and in 2015 Mrs Inga Jarick became the third partner of the firm.

In July 2013, Charter Partners bought out Craig Proctors Associates in Bundaberg and rebranded the building to Charter Partners.

Early 2015, Mrs Inga Jarick became a third partners of the firm.

April 2015, Charter Partners bought Ashgrove Accountants in Ashgrove, Brisbane, and rebranded the building to Charter Partners.

September 2015, Charter Partners Gympie office relocated to a state-of-the-art building on Excelsior Road.

December 2016, Charter Partners moved the Ashgrove office to Milton.