Keeping your finger on the pulse

A business is a lot like the human body – it is alive, it evolves, it grows and it depends on everything working in sync to function efficiently and to stay healthy.

It only takes one part or system to underperform, and the entire body can be affected.

When we are feeling off-colour we take ourselves to the doctor to diagnose the problem, prescribe the best way to treat it and get us fighting fit again.

A business is no different.  It needs a routine health check of all its structures and systems, to get it running at peak performance.  The sooner you address potential issues, the less likely they are to develop into serious and costly problems that could prove a bitter pill to swallow.

Vital signs for peak performance

Our Business Health Check puts your business under the microscope and provides an objective and extensive analysis that pinpoints areas that are under-performing.  It will give you valuable insights into how your business is currently positioned, its potential, and areas for development.

The Business Health Check is a powerful tool for identifying areas negatively affecting profitability and growth.  We run scenarios that let you see the effects on profit and cash flows by changing key performance indicators.  Then we identify those indicators critical to improving your operational results in the future and advise you on how to change the negatives and positives.

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Charter Partners Business Health Check give your business a healthy advantage:

  • Guide to increase business value, net profit and cash flow;
  • Strategies for business improvement;
  • Detailed analysis of your business to better understand how it works;
  • Debt reduction guide;
  • Better decision making tools;
  • Step-by-step process to follow;
  • Greater confidence in your decision making by knowing your business’s current state of health and what you have to do next to improve this.

You will get:

  • A detailed financial scorecard on your business;
  • An industry benchmark report for your business (when available);
  • A written report with instructions to increase profitability;
  • Easy to read diagnostic reports, flow charts and graphs;
  • Interpretation of key financial drives of your business;
  • Annualise and projected financial data on the potential of your business;
  • What-if scenarios on key business drives in your business